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It is easy to get lost searching for the right search engine optimisation company to take your brand to the top. There is so much slick talking and terms to consider, it may all seem like a foreign language. While expertise and experience matter, the relationship you build with your marketing company is critical. Without an easy, relaxed working relationship you may not feel confident you are in the right hands.

I’m Chris

– The Leading Digital Expert at CheckyWeb.

I’ve had 5 years experience crushing competitors and fighting for small and medium business. Our specialty is finding unique ways to shine through the huge amount of noise that already exists and get your brand and name out there. We’ve had success against companies that would seem to have endless pockets for marketing budgets to give much smaller businesses the exposure and clients they can use to grow their business.

Having computer science backgrounds; we believe our technology, expertize, ingenuity and flexibility position us to deliver results. Results that have you leading the pack on the search engine ladder. At CheckyWeb we know you want:

  • to see visible results for your investment.
  • to build long-term, transparent relationships
  • to make more money and have a reliable, scalable way of doing so.

Ethical Integrity

We do what we say, and more …

It is easy to talk about ethics and integrity. Great buzzwords often thrown around. And, the SEO industry has a lot of buzzwords difficult for most to understand. We prefer to let our actions speak for us. Short cuts, tricks and taking risks with your online identity and brand are not part of our strategies. Search engines like Google can ban you if your website does not meet their standards. We know how to get great results, without the risks, that keep you in the top rankings long-term.

Open transparency

Open transparency empowers you

Search engine optimisation and PPC is not a secret science buried deep within the minds of a chosen few. We hide nothing. It is all about open transparency. We love what we do so we share our knowledge with you. With 24/7 access to your management data, you always know who did what, when, where and why. The people you meet are the people you work with and always there to answer your call. No assigning your account to an office junior once you agree to a contract. And, our pricing is transparent. No sneaky extra costs or package deals that cost you more or less than you need or expect. We work with you to discover your digital marketing goals, and tell you exactly how and what it costs to achieve. We keep it simple and charge based on the time it takes to meet your budget and deadline. Our rates are publicly available.

Results you can measure

Measurable results against your investment

Success drives us. Nothing is more satisfying than getting results that make you smile. When you smile, so do we. And the only way to get true results is to measure them. Web analytics are easy to add if you don’t already have them. We will do it for free so you can see the progress of your marketing campaigns. As part of our brief, we will talk with you about the metrics to measure your results right from the start.

What are you waiting for get in touch with us now and get leads flowing to your inbox and the phone ringing off the hook!

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