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adwords how it works brisbane clicking buttonIf you’re running any form of business that has the potential for a website where clients can contact you through it then you’ve most likely come across “PPC” or “Pay per Click” Advertising during your ventures.

PPC Advertising works by “bidding” against your competitors for a position to be seen on the big search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo. The the person who “bids” the most is usually at the top and receives more traffic to their website. Instead of having to wait months for SEO to kick in, PPC Advertising can start getting you client leads from day one.

So how do you get your business up there?

At the simplest level, you add some keywords that you’re looking to target, set a price to bid on it, create a compelling ad to show when someone searches that “Keyword” and direct them to your website. The problem accounts face is that they stop there..


One word ROI.

Unlike other methods of advertising like Radio, TV, or Bus and Physical Banner Ads, you can track down to the dollar exactly how much it costs you for each sale or lead in your business online. Weather that be an online enquiry form, an e-commerce sale and phone calls to your business, linking to exactly what the user searched and when!


We deliver results that help our clients achieve their business objectives and in most cases that’s ROI. We do the usual which is to manage our clients’ accounts on a daily basis and monitor bid prices and budgets to ensure that we are maximising Clicks, CTR’s and Conversions, but we go the extra mile to make it count.

We’ve ensured our methodology provides you a reliable, scalable and efficient solution to ensuring clients are picking up their phones and calling your business. The best part is that it requires basically no work from you, it’s as close to set and forget as it gets.


Clicks and Impressions doesn’t bring you sales. Qualified Leads do, and that’s always our main focus.


We bring custom beautifully designed targetted pages that will convert visitors after they’ve clicked through to your Ad.


No Business is too big or too small to benefit from our Adwords strategies.


It’s fairly straightforward; this is what to expect.

We’ll set up a date to have a FREE Consultation to learn more about your business.

During the call we’ll work out exactly what the lifetime value (LTV) of your customer is to your business (E.g. If you business does Computer Repairs and clients do an average of 2 hours of repairs and often get 2 repairs at some point at $100 an hour, the lifetime value of your customer is $400).

Once we know the LTV of your customer, we’ll then work out what your financial aim is per month you’d like to increase your revenue by – keeping in mind in most campaigns we achieve a MINIMUM of 5:1 ROI and often 10:1 ROI; so for every $1 spent, $10 should be in your pocket.

We’ll calculate how much will be required to be spent in advertising based on our proprietary method to hit your goal based on your LTV.

As always we’ll inform you about our guarantee policy as well, of which if we don’t generate you leads or sales we’ll return our fee no questions asked.

When all the risk is on us, you can be sure it’s because we’ve already proven our method time and time again, reaching new levels in the businesses we’ve worked together with.


Our outstanding results are due to our complex and tailored approach which includes a detailed overview of our client’s business and aspirations for Pay Per Click advertising.

It’s common knowledge for adwords that 7-10% of all people coming to your website and then doing a converting action is considered above average! Well, we consistently get 25,40,60 and even up to 75% conversion rates for our clients.

Each month we’ll deliver you amazing reports that inform you what improvements have been made since the previous period, focusing heavily on the delivery of ROI.

While Adwords allows you to be extremely Data Driven and focused, it’s important to understand that advertising is about people at the end of the day, it’s not a number or metric that’s coming into your business and purchasing a product or service. Connecting on a personal and emotional level from the time they click the ad to the moment they pickup the phone is what we do, perfectly.

Get a Free, No Obligation Quote for your Business


We understand that every business is different and that obviously one solution doesn’t fit all when it comes to SEO. When you come to us we tailor a custom solution to you and your business, ensuring you get the most out of your advertising budget, clearly showing your ROI.