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Success drives us. Nothing is more satisfying than getting results that make you smile. When you smile, so do we. And the only way to get true results is to measure them. Web analytics are easy to add if you don’t already have them. We will do it for free so you can see the progress of your SEO campaign. As part of our brief, we will talk with you about the metrics to measure your results right from the start.


Our SEO Team will help you to achieve to highest rankings for your keywords.


Our web development team can provide you with a trailor made website


Our social media team will create powerful campaigns that will increase your traffic.


Our qualified PPC team will get you overnight traffic to your site using adwords.


Our ORM services ensures that we protect your reputation on the internet.


You can now take advantage of your link building services to get high PR backlinks.

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CheckyWeb has countless satisfied customers across a wide range of business sectors.
Here’s what a couple had to say about our service:

“Since our business started using the services of The team at Checkyweb we have experienced growth, efficiency and effectiveness in our SEO and advertising campaigns.  For the first time in the history of our business we have a real peace of mind and confidence about the online marketing and status of our business. Chris has an amazing energy and passion for Web development and online marketing and is always available to talk through concepts and strategies.

Linda, Rivercity Asbestos Removals

“We’ve been working with Chris for the past 12 months, and it’s been a joy to have someone of his expertise to navigate the world of IT design for us. He has been involved in the full spectrum of our website—from enhancing functionality, to updating the eCommerce platform, to assistance with email campaigns. Chris is also an exceptional communicator, which helps the whole team function to the fullest. Highly recommended!”

James, Boss Fit


We only write about the good stuff

Our goal is simple, and that is to “provide you with the right clientele.” Unlike other SEO experts that promise to give you website visitors, ours is completely different. We aim to give you individuals who are in need of your service.

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Offsite Optimisation

Aside from working with the interiors of your website, we also make an effort to rank it higher by gaining relevant external links. Outside links, especially when coming from authoritative sites, is one of the biggest ranking factors that can put your site at the very top. We send out requests to other websites and provide them guest posts that are focused on giving you a backlink.
Not only does it allows search engines to see how reliable your site is, but it also allows their readers to get to know you. Relevant websites targeted to bring you, customers!

Conversion Optimisation

Lastly, we’re not the type that leaves you hanging after your site has successfully reached the first page. Once you gain traffic, we are still here for you to help convert those visitors into paying clients. We observe and analyse their actions to strategize and improve where you’re currently weak at.

Your site will have a remarkably easy way to acquire their contact information so you can get in touch with them as soon as possible. We do that by all means necessary; some notably efficient strategies are using tactical pop-up forms, visible contact buttons, freebies in exchange for an email address, etc.

Why Choose Us?

Besides from our expertise, we have this unsophisticated ability to listen and communicate with our clients. We confirm and consult to keep our facts to assure client satisfaction and so that no harm will ever come to your business. We don’t keep any secrets from you, and we are very transparent. You will know everything that’s currently going on with your site’s SEO process.

Moreover, we consider ourselves as part of your team and business. What you call success is what we consider as pride and glory, so you are guaranteed our objectives are aligned. 
If you want your website to rank and get an unlimited of supply of clients, don’t hesitate to contact us. Give us a call at – 1300 304 268


Hell has landed, this time on the Keyword Planner Tool!

One of google’s latest changes in Adwords now changes where it once gave approximation of data to keywords like this:

keyword planner tool fail image

It now ranges data like this:

Keyword approximation

Prior to this were a bunch of technical issues with the tool, they were fixed and then this came along. With the massive lack of accuracy in the estimations, people are currently left guessing in examples like “keyword tool”, if it’s closer to the 1K side or closer to the 10K side. This causes issue when you’re trying to calculate priority of keywords to target and allocate budget weather it be adwords or focusing your SEO efforts.

Don’t worry though, it’s not all terrible..?

The fun part is that they announced it won’t affect everyone, just those “Advertisers with lower monthly spend”, of which no definition was provided as to what that limit currently is.. That’s also tough news for soley SEO’s that don’t have access to higher spending Adword accounts as it will limit their data they can provide for keyword research.

So there’s technically no “fix”, but there are a few work arounds:

Running A Keyword in Adwords

One way to gather the data is just to setup the keyword in Adwords, provide a budget that doesn’t limit impressions/searches and let it run for a month. You’ll then have your estimate for the remainder of the month. However, this is going to cost you every single month for every single keyword and not in the least the most efficient which leads us to-

Get a MCC Account

An MCC( My Client Center) Account in Adwords is basically a way you can handle multiple Adword accounts under one super account. There have been a few reports that getting a MCC Account and connecting at least 1 Adwords account to it has allowed access to the keyword planner tool with no restriction (When used as the MCC Client centre account user). Not everyone has had this method operational so far though keep in mind, seems a bit hit and miss and if/when Google finds enough people utilising this, they’ll probably block it as well.

Use a Major Keyword Analysis Tool (Preferred)

There are many many keyword lookup tools, paid and free around the internet you can could use. A lot of smaller tools utilised google to gather these results and display them, so since the day of reckoning with the keyword planner tool, several tools used by many SEO/SEM’s met their demise alongside. I’ll propose that most of them will be looking to back off some of other keyword volume data monsters like SEMRush, but until that happens read below.

All hope is not lost.

There are three major players that are regularly talked about in the industry, SEMRush, Moz and Ahrefs. Major aggregators of data for Search and PPC Data all of which as of today testing, are still operational.

Firstly, SEMRush stores and tracks many millions of keywords itself and updates daily and therefore as an independent should still be operational since the change. As per their FAQ –

SEMrush analyses the top 20 Google (and Bing U.S.) search results for each keyword in our database. Using our proprietary collection methods, we now have a database of over 100 million keywords and 45+ million domains. For every keyword, we take a snapshot of Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). We use our Live Update algorithm to keep our 26 regional databases fresh.


Then we have AHREFS, now while testing and gathering information on each of the tools to see which would be most appropriate since the recent change, I couldn’t find any specific information through their blog or others confirming 100% whether they source their data primarily from the Keyword Planner tool / The Google API. This makes this an unstable choice in my opinion, as it could mean they’re using cache data that could be come outdated if they have no alternative at this point. As of writing this, I’ve contacted AHREFS to hopefully get some insight no response just yet, I’ll update this once I do.

A response from AHREFS has yielded the following to the question posed:

Yes, indeed, the numbers in GKP and Ahrefs are now different because we didn’t update our database after the change and obviously now not going to do that

Instead we’re working at our own solution for calculating accurate keyword volumes, based on a few different sources of data.
It is expected to come live in October with all the details explained in our blog.


For now, this indicates that AHREFS is not a reliable source of search volume data and while AHREFS is a major player in the industry and will almost certainly implement this as fast as possible, right now they’re lagging behind.

Lastly, MOZ. Now Moz, came out recently with it’s new keyword explorer tool. While this tool has a range of fairly insightful features (read their article, it’s worth it if you handle keyword data in any form to see if it could benefit you), they also do an estimation on keywords. However their estimations are to accurately represent the keyword data that they collect as per their statement:

Since we know that Google’s numbers don’t actually have precision, but do indicate a bucket, we realized we could create ranges for volume and be significantly more accurate, more of the time. But, that’s not all… We also have access to anonymized clickstream data here at Moz, purchased through a third-party


Pricing – Breakdown

The biggest question to each of these tools is pricing. As current, I’ve excluded AHREFS from my options AS A KEYWORD VOLUME RESEARCH TOOL. So the last two in question are SEMRUSH and MOZ.

To access Moz’s Keyword Explorer soley you can pay $50 (USD) /month for 5000 keyword reports (per month)  or if handling much higher volume of keywords, most likely an agency then you can utilise their “Keyword Explorer Level 2” package at $150 (USD) /month which provides 30,000 keyword reports. As for using the tool, it would seem each lookup of a keyword is considered a report.

In contrast, SEMRUSH doesn’t have an “exclusive” keyword analysis tool option, however their pricing for their software which includes it is $69.95 (USD) for “3000 Reports a day”, $149.95 (USD) for “5000 Reports a day” and $549 (USD)/month for “10,000 reports per day”. It is unclear if keyword searches  in their tool counts as a report. However, as their tool has a Project Limits section – project limits

(of which a project is not needed to use the keyword section of their site, I would assume you could utilise the cheapest package if its sole purpose is for keyword research.

While I’m currently utilising a combination of both, I realise it’s not in everyone’s budget, you can get trials of each software. I should explain at this point I use both for several other features that they provide which allow for enough data to basically have a backup and confirm my data. I’d give them a shot and see which you like most and what lines up if you had any data previously gathered, keeping in mind the estimation of actual keyword searches by the keyword planner had inconsistencies beforehand according to the Moz Team’s research.



In the last few months I’ve been faced with related questions such as, “how many reviews does my business need to help ranking in the local search results?” and “how do I get to the top of Google’s local business listings?”.

In fact, we had a business mention to us that they’ve been working on their local Rankings for almost  a year building “citations” but that they’ve had just about no luck.

Now, there were two major problems with this, #1 – The word luck with SEO and #2 – Inconsistencies with their Citations.

I get it, you’re not ranking, here’s why.

Your local business listings when being ranked look like this:

local google listings

There’s two main factors that primarily affect your rankings in this listing:

  1. NAP Listings (Name, Address & Phone Number) Consistency, primarily from business directories like YELP, True Local and Google+, Facebook or your own website. We’ll get into this below!
  2. Reviews on Google+ and other websites that represent your NAP the strongest (Focussing on Google Plus, Facebook and Yelp).

The most common mistakes with NAP

When ranking, in local SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), the most tedious and time consuming process by far is going through every business directory listing and ensuring all the information (Your NAP) is unified across every site. This shows Google your presence and local authority. However, more often then not the issue that arises with NAP is when:

  • When your business changes phone number or you have multiple phone numbers.
  • Your business has changed office address.
  • Your business name is represented differently across different sites.

The issue here is Google can then make incorrect assumptions about your business. For example Google may think you have multiple locations or worse, an entirely different business. The sure way of guarrenting this doesn’t occur is by ensuring the supporting “references” to your business should reflect the information on your website.

Phone Number

It’s simple, ensure whatever is on your website is also reflected on every other site that references you.


When it comes to your business office address, ensure that it’s identical. You can’t have 12 Old Cleveland Road, Carina, Brisbane  on one site while on two others you have your previous address, 2 Cleveland Street, Carina. This will appear that your business has different locations or it may be confused with another business located at your old address resulting in lesser ‘citation power’.

Business Name

The business’s name is the most common issue that I find when doing a ‘citation reference’. Lets take an example of Joes Super Plumbing. Every location must be in full “Joes Super Plumbing”, but what happens when we find “Joes Plumbing”, “Joes Super”,  “JoePlumber” and other variations that negatively affect the NAP of your site?

You don’t rank.

By going through every reference on the internet you can correct your NAP and once you have completed this, you can continue building up your citations.

How do I Find my Existing citations?

This is the strategy we utilise at CheckyWeb:

#1 – Identify all the websites where your Phone number, Address and Name is located.

To do this we use a few different methods. The first is by identifying these through google search. This can be done by going to google.com.au and utilising the search query for your phone number, your address and then business name as well as all of the past variations. Then go through the first 10 pages and start gathering all of those results into a document.

Most people get annoyed at this point and go isn’t there a faster way…

Well there is and you may wonder why I didn’t just explain it first and that’s because the automated ways dont’ always pick up everything, all of the time.Bright local citation tracker example

An amazing piece of software we utilise to help cross check our references is Bright Locals – Citation Tracker and for the average Australian you can get by with the $26-$27 plan per month to help generate you your report and you end up with something like this.


#2 – Identify any duplicate citation entries on websites. More often than not we see duplicate entries on YELP or True Local like below.

Yelp Duplication Citation example

While having various different incorrect duplicate listings may appear to be a tactical advantage (to look like your business covers more ground in multiple locations), it often does more damage than good. The two main reasons this causing damage is

  1. That lying about location affects your NAP as we’ve talked about above.
  2. Getting reviews. IF you have two YELP accounts you’ll probably be splitting your yelp reviews. An account with 30 reviews looks far more impressive than 1 with 12 and one with 18. Keep it simple.

Repairing Citations

#1 – Recover login details of all those sites that have citations of your business. This can take up to a few weeks. Certain sites and business directories can take a while to respond back to inquiries you send about account recovery. For those sites that don’t have logins, create accounts and “claim your listings”.

#2 – Update all of your information and fill the pages as much as possible. If it can take pictures, PUT pictures in. If it holds a long description ensure you have a long description in there. The more filled in, the more professional it often looks.

#3 – Manually contact websites with no login ability, asking for the alteration. The approach is important here. If you don’t seem legitimate or just do a “half arsed” attempt they’ll most likely just ignore your request, they don’t HAVE to update your information. Remember, your asking for a favour, so make sure it’s clear you’re putting in the effort to ask for it.

By having a strong approach to ensure accuracy in your NAP and focusing on getting customer reviews on the likes of Google+, Yelp and Facebook, you’ll claim the title as #1 in your local search results. This is one part of the approach to our Full SEO Strategy at CheckyWeb and while this will help with local business rankings, it won’t be as effective for increasing rankings for general SEO.